class="no-js"> 5TH – 7TH OCTOBER 2018 BOURNEMOUTH: Sanrocco method (first visit) Part II – Pieter Stockelynck – Chiropratico

Sanrocco method (first visit) Part II

1. TL NL Adrenals: Relative hypoadrenia and/or Functional hypoglycaemia
How to distinguish and treat different forms of stress:

structural – chemical – mental – electromagnetic

2. TL K27 Right – SP21 Left: Nutritional problem
Possible musculoskeletrical symptoms and illnesses associated with dietary problems.

Most common food intolerances

Ideal Diet
How to test for Supplements
Common signs and symptoms seen in patients lacking vitamins or minerals

3. TL NV PMC: Emotional problem
Emotional Neurovascular Reflex Technique
Modified Emotional Technique
Psychological reversal Technique
Bach flowers
Exercises for the Mind: How to Think Positive.

Alessandro Kapsoulis4. Dorsum left hand on GV20: Electromagnetic problem
Learn how big your electromagnetic field is and also how to neutralize the patients against the radiation from cell phone, Ipad, kindle, computer their body’s electromagnetic field and therefore also to the physical body

5. Pineal gland
Patients with sleeping problems causing back pain.

6. Cranial Tap: Holographic problem
How to fix painful spinous processes.

7. Scar tissue (piercings)
8. Foot problems (Shock absorbers)
A) Evolution of the lower extremities during the first years of life.
B) Some common foot problems:
Foot pronation
Functional tarsal tunnel syndrome (entrapment of tibial nerve)
Sprained ankle
Medial-lateral cuboid
Cuneiform, navicular, metatarsals
9. Imbrication
How to detect (symptoms, tests) and fix facet syndrome

Appendix I: Pain locations and their significance

Appendix II: Chiropractic Philosophy

Appendix III: Note on evidence-based health science

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